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We specialize in custom application development. We do custom application development here in USA and also in a hybrid on-shore, off-shore model. We use latest state of the art technology to deliver robust and flexible applications.

At IT Champion, we believe in developing applications that are open and can be easily integrated with other software. We specialize in developing applications that act as a bridge to integrate applications across disparate platforms and technologies.

Our custom application development division provides solutions in the areas of

  • Client – Server Application Development
  • Distributed Application Development
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • E-commerce Applications and Complex Database development (back-end)

Case Study

Project – Web scraping and GIS data analysis (e-commerce Company)

Environment – SQL Server, PostGreSQL (GIS), VelocityScape, Visual basic, ETL

Client required GIS data to be collected from web and also from third party data providers. Our consultants designed a solution using VelocityScape scraping software, SQL server and PostgreSQL (GIS). Data was loaded into staging area where cleansing rules were applied before loading the data into target database. The implementation helped client stream line the process of getting, cleansing and loading huge amounts of raw GIS data into database and then use this data for business intelligence, reporting and analysis.