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We provide following services for Oracle, Sybase, MYSQL, PostGreSQl, DB2, Teradata, GreenPlum, Access and SQL Server databases.

  • Database installation and configuration on UNIX, LINUX and Windows platforms
  • Oracle application server installation and configuration
  • Database, SQL and application code tuning
  • Oracle and Sybase database upgrades (all versions)
  • Oracle RAC and Oracle Data Guard installation and configuration
  • Database replication
  • Remote database monitoring
  • Database SOX compliance

We specialize in conversions to Oracle from Sybase, SQL Server and other legacy systems. We can also merge your many small Access databases to an enterprise wide database in the database platform of your choice.
Database conversion work can be done on-shore or off-shore depending on your preference.

Case Study

Project – Oracle Multimaster Replication (Networking Company)

Environment – Linux, Unix, Oracle, Oracle Advanced Replicaiton, Enterprise Manager

Client had multi master replication setup done for six sites. The data was inconsistent among various sites. The replication process was not working properly. Our team identified the issues with the data. We fixed the data in various sites, implemented business rules to so that such issues do not occur in future. We also did strategy study for migration of advanced replication based platform to Oracle Streams based platform.