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We specialize in custom application development. We do custom application development here in USA and also in a hybrid on-shore, off-shore model. We use latest state of the art technology to deliver robust and flexible applications.

Software Outsourcing has become a way of getting quality software developed in optimum time and in cost. Software outsourcing is “THE” solution for companies to reduce their cost while getting access to a pool of best software professionals from all over the world. Now more and more companies are outsourcing their software development work, the reason, an outsourced project costs up to 60% less.

IT Champion has Offshore Development Centers in India having professionals who not only are experts in technology but also have solid business domain knowledge.

Our outsourcing model is hybrid with local professionals taking responsibility of Project management, requirement analysis, data modeling, application design, testing, implementation and support. Our off-shore team in India is responsible for coding, unit testing and end to end testing. This model gives us more control on the application development life cycle and also reduces the risk of communication gap.

With our proven outsourcing model companies can

Reduce development costs – by hiring technology experts on “as and when required” basis, so there are no fixed costs, the cost varies per project, which gives companies more capital to use for other critical requirements

Get access to expertise – Versena has technology experts with excellent functional knowledge. Our people will be an asset for your organization

Reduce Application development time – with outsourcing, companies spend less money per head so they can hire more people, thus reducing the development time

At IT Champion, we offer multiple engagement models to meet customer’s unique needs. The customer has flexibility of adopting different engagement model for a different phase of the project.

Time & Material Model (TMM) Our time and material model is best suited for those projects, which require manpower available to work on tasks that are not well defined in advance.

Module Delivery Model (MDL) This model is best suited for projects where customer wants us to deliver a module of the application. We give an estimate for the whole effort and manage the resources and progress.

Dedicated Staffing Model (DSM) In our dedicated staffing model, we assemble a team of technology experts who are dedicated to work on client’s projects. The client does resource management.

Case Study

Project – Web scraping and GIS data analysis (Enviroment Company)

Environment – SQL Server, VelocityScape, Visual Bais, VB Script, ETL, PostGreSQL, PostGIS

Client required GIS data to be collected from web and also from third party data providers. Our consultants designed a solution using VelocityScape scraping software, SQL server and PosgreSQL (GIS). Data was loaded into staging area where cleansing rules were applied before loading the data into target database. The implementation helped client stream line the process of getting, cleansing and loading huge amounts of raw GIS data into database and then use this data for business intelligence, reporting and analysis.

Project – Content management system/dynamic website (Marketing Company)

Environment – MYSQL, HTML, Zend framework, PHP

Client required a content management system to manage data for dynamic web site. Out offshore team designed and developed the CMS and web site on Zend framework. The implementation of CMS allowed the customer to provide a platform for its users using which they were able to add and modify information as on need basis.